Every business has strengths and their own unique competitive advantages. While we would like to say we are the perfect choice for every single construction project ever, that wouldn’t be honest. Some other companies in the area might be a better fit for your needs. Whether we compete with them or work with them, we wanted to give you a real breakdown of the best builders in the Permian Basin.

Lee Louis Construction

Lee Louis is the real deal. If you have a massive project like an indoor water park, event center, or hospital, they are the company to work with. Lee Lewis specializes in corporate, retail, civic, hospitality, educational, healthcare, and industrial projects. With multiple locations in Lubbock, Dallas, and Austin, these guys have dominated large-scale construction projects across texas for decades.

Danny’s Asphalt Paving Inc.

Danny’s Asphalt is another great company that serves the Permian Basin. They are a large commercial and industrial asphalt paving company based in Midland. They specialize in asphalt paving services from parking lots to highways. They use their own crews, equipment, and insurance in order to handle entire projects. We recommend Danny’s for all of your paving needs.

JD Fencing

JD Fencing is located in Seminole, Texas and they specialize in a variety of fence projects. Everything from residential fencing to large commercial projects, JD Fencing covers it all. JD Fencing also specializes in all types of fencing from cantilever gates, power gates, three-strand, chain-linked, and more. While they do not have a website, you can reach them by phone at 4322092036 or find them on many business listing sites.

Redneck Metal Buildings

Another construction company that specializes in metal building for commercial spaces, auto shops, and offices. Redneck Metal Building is located in Martin County and has an emphasis on timeliness of their projects. 

Onyx Contractors

Onyx Contractors is a general contractor, boasting multiple business accreditations, that is located in Midland, Texas. They specialize in oilfield service, heavy civil, municipal construction, commercial, water transportation, and rental equipment. Although they do not do the construction work, they contract the very best builders in the area for their projects. Onyx contractors offer a wide variety of services but seem to take a lot of pride in their community and municipal projects like landfills, parks, and shelters. While they are based in Midland, they also do work in New Mexico. 

Metal Solutions

Of course, we think that our sister company, Metal Solutions, is the best the construction biz has to offer!! Yes, they offer multiple types of services like many of the mentioned companies but they are a go-to for the most all-encompassing construction services. Not only do they offer residential and commercial building services, but they also partner with a high-quality steel manufacturer, us! This partnership between our two companies truly makes Metal Solutions unique. Since 2009, Metal Solutions designs and constructs steel buildings for commercial and residential purposes. Some of their recent work includes offices, car dealerships, grocery stores, hotels, barndominiums, and warehouses. 

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