As durable as metal furniture is, it does require some extra TLC to sustain against the elements. The coating that the furniture comes with is not permanent so you should be taking measures to help protect the metal, which is especially vulnerable to its archenemy – rust. Let’s talk about some of the actions you can take to weatherproof your outdoor metal furniture.  

A sealant and proper storage are critical to weatherproofing. If you live in an area where cold temperatures, rain, and snow are common, you’ll definitely want to store your furniture in a dry place when you are not using them. A shed or storage area indoors is perfect and waterproof covers are ideal as well if you do not have these spaces available to you. In the sunny seasons too, keep in mind that UV rays can corrode metal and change the color, especially once the furniture’s original coat has wearied. 

Even the smallest chip or scrape makes your metal furniture more susceptible to rust so be proactive. One option is to sand the area to smooth it out, then clean the surface before applying a primer followed by paint for metal. Rust-Oleum Rust Inhibitor is a popular choice for protecting metal furniture from moisture and rust. 

Our primary recommendation, however, is to opt for a powder coat, which works best against rust. Powder coating involves the application of paint in a dry powder form. It does not require a solvent like liquid paints do. This makes powder coating especially beneficial to the environment as solvents typically contain harmful pollutants. After an electrostatic application, the powder coat heat-cures in no time, another plus when compared to the more extensive drying time of traditional paint. The result is a clean, thick, and durable finish that is more resistant to scratches and wearing. Powder coats are also known to have a shinier, more even coloring as well as a wide range of texture options.  Note that if you do not choose to powder coat your metal furniture, then we suggest applying a clear coat at least annually. Don’t take for granted the strength and resistance of your metal furniture! It is worth taking the time to maintain regardless of the avenue you choose to do so. Have any questions about upkeep? We have the answers! Reach out to us at

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