Holiday season is HERE! Check out these ideas for some awesome steel gifts. Buy these gifts for a loved one or get some inspiration for your own DIY project.

1. State Wall Art

Want to make a statement in your home? Consider a steel work of art! Metal artwork and sculptures can add an industrial or modern feel to your home and really add a unique touch to your space. Buy a piece from an artist that specializes in this type of work or try to make something yourself! Come into Bulldog Steel to purchase flat plates and colored screws to create something really unique. If you have access to a plasma cutter, use it to cut out your own designs for your artwork. 

2. Customized Fire Pit

It might be too cold to spend time outdoors now but in a few months, it will be perfect weather for a cozy fire pit. And this one from etsy is customizable! If you are an experienced welder, you can also try making this one yourself. At Bulldog Steel, check out our expanded metal or use a flat plate and weld it down the seam. If you have access to a plasma cutter, you can even create your own design like in this one here! You can really make it your own by using rebar for decorative accents.

3. Industrial Shelves

Using angle iron, square tubing, or rectangle tubing, you can create your own shelves to give to a friend or family member. Organize spaces like your kitchen, garage, pantry, or office with these industrial looking shelves. Use wood, expanded metal, or flat plate for the shelves and use rebar for some decorative accents or hooks.

4. Forged Knife

Make a stand-out gift and forge your own knife. Pick out hand-made knife for a loved one or try to make them yourself if you are experienced. You can even add your own textures or initials to your knife. Pick up some thick flat strap at Bulldog Steel to start your project. Buy some round or square bar to create a matching hook while you are at it!

5. Welding Hood

For any welder in your life, consider getting them a quality welding hood. These welding hoods from Outlaw Leather are made with genuine leather and come in so many different styles and designs! We even sell them in our own shop but supplies are limited so get one while we have them in stock!

To create your hand-made gifts, you also might want to pick up some hinges or touch up paint for your steel gift which lasts 40 years. Remember to have fun and be safe with your DIY welding projects. Happy holidays!

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