Steel vs. Wood. What should you use to create the best “bones” for your new home? Or any structure for that matter. While both steel and wood have their advantages and disadvantages, Steel has become the clear choice for framing new construction. While older homes and buildings framed with wood might still be considered sturdy, steel framing is the best way to ensure your building will withstand the test of time.

Steel lasts longer than wood. Wood is prone to decay from many different elements like water and pests. Water damage can cause your wood frame to rot or warp. Pests like termites can eat through wood frames and wreak havoc on your building. Steel is also non-combustible meaning there might be less damage in the event of a fire. 

Overall, steel is stronger than wood. Historically, steel has been used to frame large commercial and industrial structures – structures that are very large and require a lot of strength. Steel has the highest strength to weight ratio out of any building material. Because of this, steel has become more popular for homes as well because of its dependability in recent years. Because of its strength, steel-framed buildings are more likely to survive natural events such as earthquakes and hurricanes. As a result, insurance rates for these types of buildings are usually lower! Because of its durability, builders will usually give some type of warranty on the structure, too.

One downside to steel framing is that it can be difficult to insulate. Steel is a natural conductor meaning it does not retain heat well. Builders will have to use extra insulation, especially in areas that are prone to cold weather. Steel framed buildings in cold climates might have a higher heating bill, however, climates that have moderate or warm climates do not have issues with insulating steel framed buildings.

Overall, steel framing is the clear choice as opposed to wood. Steel is less prone to damage from water, pests, and natural disasters. Steel is stronger and more reliable as a framing material for any structure. If you have any questions about steel pricing or steel framing, contact us today or leave a comment.

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