Armando Delgado runs our Trim Brake in the shop. He is detail oriented and it is his personal mission to improve each day. In his spare time, he likes working on cars and spending time with his wife and daughter.


Jasmine Golleher is one of our Receptionists. She enjoys spending her free time with her husband & two children.


Mr. Mack is our favorite furry friend who brings so much joy around the office. Watch out, because he's been known to snag a glove or two! He's sure to keep you on your toes, make you laugh and smile all in unison.


Melinda Ruiz is another one of our lovely Receptionists. When she’s off work, camping is her go-to.


Raymond Castillo is one of 3 Delivery Drivers. Ray has over 15 years of experience in his field and takes pride in his loading and loading skills. He likes to go fishing, travel, and spend time with his family when he is off work.


Rito Chavarria is our Production Supervisor. Rito ensures your sheets are precise every time. He has 25 years of leadership experience and is a joy to be around. Rito says he loves working and even when he’s off at Bulldog, his wife keeps him busy with projects at home too.


Shelbi Whitehead is our Office Manager. Shelbi has a bachelor’s in management. She is a born leader and has a unique style of inclusion with all the staff at Bulldog Steel. She enjoys being a wife & mom to her three children.


Steven Hulse is our Shop/Distribution Manager. He brings over 10 years of inventory management experience to the team. Steven is a great multi-tasker and keeps our shop operations in perfect alignment. He enjoys hunting, fishing, & raising chickens with his wife and daughter in their Colorado City home. Steven says that although he isn’t a native Texan, he got here as soon as he could. He loves what he does and loves seeing the completion of our customers projects.


Stormy Bradley is the President of Bulldog Steel. She considers herself a lifelong learner. She plays the roles of business owner, mother, wife, and community advocate on a daily basis. Stormy's goals are to run the most efficient construction companies in Texas, to constantly pour into her community, and to improve on leadership and financial wellness throughout her city, county, and state.


Terrie Bradley is our Equipment Manager. Terrie is spunky and makes sure “her” equipment and vehicles are in top shape at all times. She believes the foundation of this business is a “well-oiled ship” and our delivery tools are that ship. She enjoys keeping her 2 grandkids and being in her garden when she is not in the office.


Tyler Bradley is the President of our sister company Metal Solutions, Inc., and Vice-President at Bulldog Steel. Tyler is a natural leader. He has been an entrepreneur since he was seven years old. At 36 years old, Tyler made his years of entrepreneurialism into a career and now owns three businesses in the steel construction realm. He loves his work and enjoys time with his family and friends.


Carol Willard is one of our Delivery Drivers. When he is not loading or unloading deliveries, he is at home calling his children & grandchildren checking in on them.

At Bulldog Steel, we know a big setback for contractors is on-time delivery & accuracy.  We believe overcoming these setbacks are crucial to maximizing profitability. We have state of the art CNC machinery and professional staff who will ensure your accurate and one-time product delivery, because we know time is money and we want YOU to succeed.